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Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning

Dear Property Manager,

   Drainbusters Inc, is a 24 hour full service sewer, drain, and licensed Plumbing Companyregularly serving all of New Jersey as well as many parts of all neighboring states for almost 35 years. During this time we have listened to the wants and needs of our commercial management clients and learned what is most important to them. As you most likely agree, one is the need to limit or eliminate emergency sanitary and / or storm sewer backups, especially sanitary sewers could pose a health hazard or close down a food establishment until remedied. Not to mention the extremely high cost of emergency service calls. Townships and local sewer authorities, on orders from the NJ Department of Enviromental Protection, have been passing new ordinances requiring severly limited discharges of grease and harmful solids into the city sewer system. Other Townships have increased enforcement of existingordinances and levied expensive fines. This situation also can put a tremendous strain on the relationship between a tenant and property manager. To avoid these unpleasant situations, we have designed a comprehensive preventative maintenance program specific to each property

   Here's how works. As the property manager you provide Drainbusters with the name and location of a property you may want serviced. We then dispatch a representative to physically inventory and asses the sewer system by determining the condition of the pipeline inside manholes and locating cleanout plugs. We measure and document the sewers and record there locations. Next, we make an appointment with the person directly responsible for a particular property and discuss the actual history of problems or backups that have occurred in the past, and the frequency. After we are satisfied that we have gathered all the information thats available, we put all this information together and decide on what course of action our committe thinks should be taken. For example, some properties we may suggest a general cleaning every three months while others may require cleaning once a year or others none at all. We then send a formal proposal to you for your approval. If it is in fact approved we add that property to our maintenace database and all future visits are scheduled.

   Our Clients, since implementing a preventative maintenance program with us have acctually reported significant savings in the normal annual sanitary / storm sewer budget. This fact with and almost 70% reduction in emergency service calls makes it extremely compelling to explore this option

    Please call us anytime day or night if you have any questions. We would also be happy to provide you with reference list of some of our current property management companies.

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